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Workout Plan: Nov 23-29

It's Thanksgiving Week and things are starting to get super busy! Many people travel this time of year and may not have access to a gym or equipment (and may be super low on time), so I'm keeping workouts shorter and simpler. You probably already have everything you need for these workouts, so set aside 20 minutes for yourself and get your workout in every day.

I've learned to keep things simpler and less strenuous so I have the energy and mental capacity to deal with life and events and people during stressful and busy times. It has been a hard shift to make, but as I get older I've learned I just cannot push hard all the time and expect to function at full capacity. It is important to respect your body and your limits and not push beyond them too long to avoid burnout.

So, keep it as simple as possible this week, keep moving your body, and allow yourself to focus on what is really important to you at this time. That could be family, friends, neighbors, activities, or anything really. It's a personal decision you get to make all the time, over and over. Take some time and think about what you are truly grateful for every day. Write it down if you can. Or at least take a few minutes to breathe deeply and meditate on those things and why they are important to you. And then, with a grateful heart, go on with your day and bless others' lives.

And smile.

Life is good.

Even when it is difficult.

Make it a great week!!



Thursday: Cardio Tone 2


Saturday: Yoga Flow


Sunday: Active Rest Day - take a walk and stretch out



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