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Cardio Blast 1

There is nothing like a good cardio workout to get your blood pumping, clear your mind, and set you in the right mindset to tackle the day.

This workout is a fast-paced series of circuits guaranteed to strengthen and tone you from head to toe while blasting calories at the same time.

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You'll Need:


Interval Timer set to 4 rounds of 30 seconds

Mat (opt, for cushion)

Chair (opt, for stability)

The Workout

Warm-up: 30 seconds each

Kneeling Wall Walks

Wall Hip Raises

Wall Single Hip Raises

Decline Wall Walks

Circuit 1: Perform 3 times

5   Hallelujahs

10 Jumping Jacks

5   Chair to Frog

10 Jumping Jacks

5   Alt Forward Lunge

10 Jumping Jacks

Circuit 2: Perform 3 times

5   Burpees

10 Tick-Tocks

5   Right Side Lunge + Curtsy Squat

10 Tick-Tocks

5   Left Side Lunge + Curtsy Squat

10 Tick-Tocks

Circuit 3: Perform 3 times

5   Plank-Stand Heel Clicks

10 Butt Kicks

5   Bear Crawls

10 Butt Kicks

5   Whips Right

10 Butt Kicks

5   Whips Left

10 Butt Kicks

Cool Down: 20-30 sec each

R Standing Hamstring Stretch

R Standing Quad Stretch

R Standing Glute Stretch

L Standing Hamstring Stretch

L Standing Quad Stretch

L Standing Glute Stretch

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