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Week 3: Fine Tune

By now you should be feeling pretty good.


This week's meal plan will continue creating meals using whole foods, but it will be a little heavier on the protein to build muscle.


I've added in some different breakfasts, but you'll still have a smoothie a day. 


And since this week is Easter, I've added in some Eggstra-special recipes!


Plus, I'm letting you have a Cheat Meal because Easter is a special time and very hard to eat just your container of sweet potatoes, chicken and broccoli while everyone feasts...  

BUT set your parameters!  Go into dinner knowing HOW much of [insert food] you're going to have.  Feed yourself throughout the day, drink LOTS of water or "lemonade," and be mindful while you eat dinner and enjoy your family and friends.


Fine Tune Week at a Glance:


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Higher Protein

Daily Smoothies

Whole Foods

Quick & Simple Recipes

Simple Ingredients


Week 3


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