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Basic Mat Pilates Routine

This simple, basic mat routine has been a game changer for me.  It is something simple you can do at home on the floor in your living room while watching your your favorite TV show (or watching your kids jump on the couches).   I like to do it each morning because it helps me gain more flexibility in my hips and hamstrings, which are always very tight from running.  It's MAGICAL!  


















So, I am sharing with you the Magical, Basic Mat Pilates Routine!  It is a great warm-up before your  workout.  Give it a try and keep at it.  You'll feel a difference within a few short weeks.  Consistency is the key.  Once you get the hang of it, it only takes about 10 minutes, max!  Who couldn't use 10 minutes of FREE physical therapy every day?!


Printable PDF


100 The Hundred (10 10-count breaths)

6     The Roll-Up

5     Single Leg Circles (each direction, each leg)

6     Rolling Like a Ball

8     Single Leg Stretch (each leg)

8     Double Leg Stretch (each leg)

8     Single Straight Leg Stretch (each leg)

8     Double Straight Leg Stretch (each leg)

8     Criss Cross (each side)

8     Spine Stretch Forward

6     Open Leg Rocker

6     Corkscrew

5     Saw (each side)

8     Single Leg Kicks

8     Side Kick Series

8   Forward-Back

8   Up-Down

8   Circles (each direction)

8   Inner Thigh Circles (each direction)

8   Bicycles

30 Leg Beats

**Switch sides and repeat Side Kick Series on the other side

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