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Week 2: Rebuild

Now that you've flushed out a bunch of the gunk, let's focus on adding in some more good, clean foods.


There will be less smoothies than detox week, though I still recommend at least one green smoothie each day.  It's a great way to eat on the go while maximizing nutrition.  Smoothies also help you eat more veggies than you normally would.  It's like drinking a liquid vitamin every day!


Please use this as a guide.

 If you have food allergies/intolerances, you'll have to make some substitutions.  

If you hate beans (or don't digest them well: try Bean-o), use 3 oz of lean meat (chicken, turkey, fish).

 If you need more food, increase the portions slightly (3/4-1 cup rice/quinoa; larger sweet potato).

You should not feel like you are starving!  

It may take a little tweaking, but make this work for you!  

Track your calories using MyFitnessPal or another app of your choice.  

Aim for about a 500-calorie deficit.  That will set you up for success!



Rebuild Week at a Glance:

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Nut Free

Whole Foods

Quick & Simple Recipes

Simple Ingredients


Week 2


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