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Week 1: Detox Week

Sometimes we just need to hit the RESET button.  It's easy to cheat a little here and there and gradually allow those cheats to become a habit and not just an occasion.  


We're going to reel it in this week and get your eating under control! 


It'll take a bit of planning and prep-work, but doing this will SAVE you all week when you just need to grab and go!


The meals this week are gluten free, dairy-free, hormone-free and vegan.  You may have hidden food sensitivities that are keeping you from losing weight.  They cause inflammation, bloating, gas, intestinal pain/discomfort, and joint pain (and more) and can affect your mood.  You don't realize how bad you feel until you remove the offenders from your diet. 


Detox Week


Detox Week at a Glance:


Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Nut Free


Whole Foods

Quick & Simple Recipes

Simple Ingredients


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