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Workout Plan: January 16-22

We're halfway through January!

How are you doing? Are you still working towards your fitness goals or have you fallen off the bandwagon?

If you've taken a slight detour, get back on track this week. I've got your workout plans covered, all you have to do is show up!

Short on time? Do only 1 round of each set. There is NO shame in that. It's better than nothing and will still yield fantastic results! You don't have to spend tons of time in the gym. You just have to show up. Every day. Stay consistent and you'll reap the rewards! I promise!

These are the workouts I am doing this week. They are tough and more advanced. If you are looking for 20-Minute workouts geared towards beginners, check out my Trim in 20 Program.


Tuesday: Tabata #9


Thursday: Sevens #6


Saturday: Get outside and get active: walk, run, ski, hike, bike, swim, take a yoga class. Or try the 12-Minute Jump Rope Workout if you're stuck indoors and need some inspiration/motivation.


Sunday: Take a rest day today. Take a walk, do some Yoga or Mat Pilates to lengthen your muscles back out.


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