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Tabata Workout #9: Chair Style!

I love Tabatas!


And it is fun to mix up the media.


So, today you'll need one thing: a chair (or a bench)





















This is the perfect workout to do if you're traveling and are stuck in a hotel room.  Or you're home and have no equipment.  You could even do this one in an airport.  Who knows?  Maybe you could get a whole group of people working out with you!  And maybe a few odd looks...


To perform Tabatas, set a repeating interval timer for 6-8 rounds of 20 sec work and 10 sec rest.  If you are a beginner, do only 6 rounds.  If you've been working out a while, then, by all means, do 8 rounds.  For all single-leg exercises, you can switch legs after each round (easiest), after every 2 rounds (harder), or after 4 rounds (hardest).


Again, I am so grateful that my friends and workout buddies were willing to help me out in filming this.  They took a couple hours out of their day to get this and Monday's videos filmed!  Not to mention, one is 18 months pregnant!  But she comes and does the workouts, modifying some as needed!  She is amazing!  

*NOTE: DO NOT do these if you are pregnant and have not been exercising!  


Printable PDF



Tabatas Prototcol:

You'll perform each exercise 4, 6, or 8 times for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. On single-sided exercises you will need to switch sides either every round, every 2 rounds, or at the halfway round.


You'll need:

Repeating Interval Timer set for 6-8 rounds of 20/10

Chair or Bench

Dumbbells (opt)


Beginner: 4 rounds per Tabata

Intermediate: 6 rounds per Tabata

Advanced: 8 rounds per Tabata & 1 min Cardio Chair Taps 



5 minutes walking, light jogging, jumping rope, yoga sun salutations or the Basic Mat Pilates Routine.


Ab Circuit:

10 Decline Mountain Climbers (each leg)

10 Knees & V's

10 Knee to Opposite Elbow

5   Chair Swings


The Workout

Tabata 1: Chair Squat

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Chair Taps


Tabata 2: Leg-Overs

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Chair Taps


Tabata 3: Split Lunge

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Chair Taps


Tabata 4: Tricep Dips

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Chair Taps


Tabata 5: Single leg Squat w/ Alt Front & Side Kicks

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Chair Taps


Tabata 6: Push-ups (Elevated or Decline)

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Chair Taps


Tabata 7: Single Leg Bridge

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Chair Taps




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