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Lower Body Blast #6

As your legs are and glutes are getting stronger, let's kick things up a notch and add in a few more single-leg exercises.  



Working each side of your body independently will help you notice and overcome imbalances.  One side of your body is naturally stronger or more stable, and it will often overcompensate for the weaker side, setting you up for potential injury. 


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Beginners: 1-2 rounds of 8-10 reps

Intermediate: 2-3 rounds of 10-12 reps

Advanced: 4 rounds of 15 reps


You'll Need:

Dumbbells (5+ lbs) or Sandbag


Stability Ball, Towel, or Paper Plates

Hamstring Curl Machine (opt)


Warm-up: 10 Minute Abs

50 sec Double Leg Lift & Lower; rest 10 sec

50 sec Right Side Plank with Reach-Through; rest 10 sec

50 sec Left Side Plank with Reach-Through; rest 10 sec

       Repeat sequence 2 more times!

1 min Plank Up-Downs


The Workout:

Set 1

8-15 Single Leg Lunge w/ weight (5+ lbs), each leg

8-15 Quick Squats w/ weight

1 min Jump Rope


Set 2

8-15 Tri-Plane Lunges w/ weight (forward, side, reverse = 1 rep), each leg

8-15 Reverse Lunges w/ weight

8-15 Full Range Squat w/ Calf Raise w/ weight

1 min Jump Rope


Set 3

10-20 Leg Crossovers on Bench, each leg

8-15 Bench Step-ups, each leg

1 min Wall Sit w/ Bicep Curl-Shoulder Press Combo

1 min Jump Rope


Set 4

8-15 Single Leg Hamstring Curls, each leg

8-15 Double Leg Hamstring Curls

8-15 Hip Thrusts

1 min Jump Rope


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