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Sevens Workout #6

I've combined some of my favorite bodyweight exercises to create this new routine.



















Sevens are not for the faint of heart.  However, if you are a beginner, you can TOTALLY do this too! Just decrease the number of reps for each exercise and take the easiest modification.


I hope you like my little demonstrator today.  My videographer has the flu, so I've been trying to wing it.  I figured my willing subject would be better at demonstrating than filming...  So this just goes to show that your kids can join you on this workout too!


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The Protocol:

Round 1: Exercises 1-2

Round 2: Exercises 1-3

Round 3: Exercises 1-4

Round 4: Exercises 1-5

Round 5: Exercises 1-6

Round 6: Exercises 1-7

<<1-2 Mintue BREAK!!>>

Then repeat the entire sequence, working backwards!

     *If you're still feeling like you want more, do the entire set from 1-7 and 7-1 with no break in between.  That means you'll be doing Donkey Kicks for 1 whole minute when you get to the bottom...




Beginners: 6-8 reps of each exercise (20 sec on timed exercises)

Intermediate: 10 reps of each exercise

Advanced: 12 reps of each exercise, except #1&7 are 30 seconds long


You'll need:

Just yourself

Some water and a towel

A buddy would be nice

A motivating playlist may be helpful too!



Basic Mat Pilates Routine


The Workout

30 sec Hallelujah's

12        Alt Jump Lunge and Jump Squat (each)

12        Dive Bomber Push-ups

12        Leap Frogs

12        Quad Push-ups

12        Side Hop Burpee

30 sec Donkey Kicks

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