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Workout Plan: Nov 2-8

Life has been SO busy but SO fun!!! If any of you have been following along on Instagram, I've been posting about my weekly adventures! In the last month I've been traveling every single weekend and have been checking things off my bucket list. I hope to post about this a bit in the near future if I can stay focused and carve out the time...

It has been amazing but it's now time for a bit of a rest. I'm going back to mostly body weight workouts to let my body recover. It's fun to push, but it's just as important to recover and allow your body to absorb all the training you've done. It's a lesson that is really hard to learn, but I'm also realizing how to listen to my body slightly better. I've honestly felt really fatigued and depleted the last few weeks (despite having the time of my life!!!), so after talking with my coach last week, he's convinced me to take things down a notch. It's not easy to do since I like to go at about mach 200... Hahaha! But I know it will be worth it.

SO, this week I'm incorporating some of my Trim in 20 Workouts. If you want a longer workout (which I'll also be teaching in the gym this week), you can easily tweak these by setting a timer for each move (like 30-60 seconds each), OR increasing/doubling the reps, OR repeating each set more times (4-6 times instead of 3). Make it work for YOU. If you're short on time or new to these workouts, stick to the original protocol - it'll take about 20 minutes from warm-up to cool-down.

I'm also a firm believer in the uplifting power of nature, so get OUTSIDE as much as possible. If it's getting colder, add some more layers. Of course if it's too cold, go ahead and stay indoors. But fresh air and sunshine have a lot of physical and psychological health benefits, so get out as much as possible, even if it's just a few minutes at a time.

Here's to another great week! Take some time for YOU and get some movement in every day!



Thursday: Cardio Tone 2


Friday: 1000Rep Workout 3


Saturday: 30+ Min OUTDOOR Activity (if possible)


Sunday: ACTIVE REST DAY - walk, yoga, Pilates, stretch



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