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30-Minute Abs, Butt, Legs & HIIT

This workout combines simple bodyweight exercises and HIIT to not only strengthen and tone your lower half, but also shed the extra fluff hiding your awesome abs, butt and legs.

You'll Need:

A 5-minute timer

Mat (opt)

Chair or Wall (opt, for balance)

15-Minute Core and Booty:

Pilates Core:


20 Single Knee Hugs

20 Double Knee Hugs

20 Single Straight Leg Hugs

20 Double Leg Lift/Lower

20 Criss Cross

Booty:  Perform 1 time on the Right and repeat sequence on the Left

20 Kneeling Donkey Kicks

20 Kneeling Donkey Kick Pulses

20 Fire Hydrants

20 Fire Hydrant Pulses

20 Fire Hydrant Kick-outs

20 Kneeling Straight Leg Lifts

20 Kneeling Straight Leg Lift Pulses

20 Rainbows

*Repeat Pilates Core Routine*

Legs: Perform once through on the Right and repeat sequence on the Left

20 Slow Squats

20 Right Reverse Lunge and Front Kick

20 Right Static Lunge Pulses

20 Side Lunge and Side Kick

20 Front Lunge and Back Kick

20 Curtsy Squats

20 Single Leg Deadlifts

5-Minute AMRAP: Set a timer for 5 minutes and repeat as many times as possible!

10 Squat Jumps or Leap Frogs

10 Jump Lunges (each leg)

10 Burpees

10 Spider Mountain Climbers


Repeat Legs and AMRAP 1-2 more times (about 15 minutes per round)

Cool Down:

30 sec Butt Kicks

30 sec Quad Stretch (each side)

30 sec Hamstring Stretch ( each side)

30 sec Pigeon Pose (each side)

This workout is divided up into 3 different parts:

15-Minute Pilates/Booty Warm-up

10-Minute Leg Routine

5-Minute HIIT (AMRAP)

You don't need any equipment or a lot of space, so it's perfect for days when you need a quick workout and can't get to the gym!

If balance is a struggle, use a chair or wall during the Leg Routine and kicks.  Those back kicks can be especially tricky!

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