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Workout Plan: Dec 10-16

It's the countdown to Christmas, and time is super valuable because there are Christmas parties and recitals and programs on an almost daily basis. Not to mention those birthday parties for all those lucky people who get a little extra to celebrate this month (I have 2 children with December birthdays)!

I get it. It's a super busy month. But do not put yourself on the back burner. Make an appointment with yourself to move every single day. You'll feel better, you'll accomplish more, and you'll have less fitness resolutions to make next month.

This month we are focusing on the maximum amounts of reps you can do with good form. We are choosing medium-heavy weights and then lifting until we can't any more. That may mean 6 reps, or it may mean 26 reps, depending on what weight we choose. I personally like to lift fewer reps with a heavier weight, but on my tired days, I'll lift lighter with more reps.

Stick with your workout habits (or start now)! Let's finish out this year feeling strong and amazing!



*Perform 2-3 rounds of each set with maximum reps


Tuesday: Tabatas #9


*Perform 2-3 rounds of each set with maximum reps


Thursday: Sevens #9


*Perform 2-3 rounds of each set with maximum reps


Saturday: Cardi Party #1 OR 30+ minutes Activity of Choice


Sunday: Mat Pilates


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