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Workout Plan: June 11-17

I've been training for a marathon since February, and yesterday was the big day. (I actually dropped down to running the half marathon instead due to personal reasons, but that's a different story for a different day.)

I'm feeling pretty tired and a little beat up, so I'll be taking a full 2 weeks off from running. I'm planning on hitting the gym to cross train a bit more instead, as well as biking, hiking, swimming or whatever else I feel up for.

And a lot of rest, stretching and mobility work!

Rest is super important when it comes to hitting your health and fitness goals. You need proper rest to lose weight, recover from tough workouts (or a season or training block), and be sane and available for your family and kids or neighbors and co-workers.

Stretching and mobility are also very important to help keep your muscles, joints and connective tissue happy. It's a part that is easy to skip because it takes time. But you will feel better and reduce your risk of injury as you take time to stretch and work out tight joints and muscles.

This week I'm alternating some harder workouts with some Trim in 20 workouts to allow our bodies to recover while still getting a good workout.

I like the Trim in 20 series because each workout is only 20 minutes long and can be done in the privacy of your own home with no equipment. AND you can just hit play and workout along with me, so you don't have to workout alone!

Happy exercising this week!



Thursday: Cardio Blast #1


Saturday: 30+ Minutes Activity of Choice (outside if possible)

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