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41 Birthday Workout

It's my birthday, so it's go big, or go home!

Sorry, I don't have a video to go with it, so I'll keep the moves simple.

Start with 1 round of each circuit and add on if you have time/energy.

Circuit 1: 1-3 Rounds

41 Mountain Climbers

41 Squats

41 Right Step-ups

41 Incline Push-ups

41 Left Step-ups

1 Minute Stair Run

Circuit 2: 1-3 Rounds

41 Squat Jacks

41-second Hand Stand Hold (against a wall)
41 Hallelujahs (Plank Squats)

41 High Knees/Switch Kicks (combo)
41 Jump Lunges (total)

1 Minute Stair Run

Circuit 3: 1 Round (unless you want to do more...)

41 Burpees

41 Prisoner Squats w/ Calf Raises

41 Bear Crawls

41 Sumo Squat to Alt Front Snap Kick

41 Ball Taps

1 Minute Stair Run

Circuit 4: Abs 1-3 Rounds

41 Bicycles

41 L Plank Reach Throughs

41 R Plank Reach Throughs

41 Lying Heel Raises 

41 Down Dog to Plank

41 Double Leg Raise and Lower

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