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What do you get when you combine Pilates with bodyweight exercises and cardio moves?

An all-over shaping workout that will help lengthen your muscles while

keeping your heart rate up to burn extra calories.

Cardio Tone 1

I am a huge fan of mixing up workout strategies and approaches.  It is really important to learn how to use your body in different planes to improve overall fitness and function to minimize your chance of injury both during a workout and throughout your daily activities.  That is why I incorporate Pilates and yoga into routines, to help you develop strength throughout a full range of motion.

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You'll Need:

Mat (opt)

Interval Timer set for 22 rounds of 30-second intervals

Chair (opt, for balance)

The Workout:

Warm-up: Pilates Side Lying Series

8 Leg Lifts

8 Front-Back

8 Leg Circles

8 Circling Inner Thigh

4 Sliding Leg Lifts (each direction)

4 Grande Ronde de Jambe (each direction)

5,4,3,2,1 Hot Potato

4 Bicycles (each direction)

5 Big Scissors

30 Leg Beats

**Repeat on opposite side

Circuit 1: Perform twice, 30 seconds each

Right Leg Reverse Lunge + Kick

Left Leg Reverse Lunge + Kick

Duck Walk


Circuit 2: Perform twice, 30 seconds each

Right Clamshell Reach

Left Clamshell Reach

Plank Jacks

Quick Wide-Narrow Squats

Cool Down: 30 seconds each

Right Kneeling Psoas Stretch 

Left Kneeling Psoas Stretch

Right Lying Glute Stretch

Left Lying Glute Stretch

Right Lying Hamstring Stretch

Left Lying Hamstring Stretch

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