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Workout Plan: March 19-25

Spring is just around the corner. The cold weather and snow just keeps popping up, but before we know it, it will be summer time! Time for shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, and swimsuits.

So, let's get your body and mind all ready for spring and summer! These workouts will work all parts of your body, so you can feel strong and confident. They are also great for strength and mobility if you are an athlete and training for a race (or two or more). They will also give you a natural boost of endorphins, so you'll feel like you're flying high all day long!


As always, be sure to follow me on social media @6packguineapigs for extra health and fitness tips and updates!

Happy lifting this week!



Tuesday: Tabatas #1


Thursday: Sevens #2


Saturday: 30+ minutes outdoor activity OR 20 Minute AMRAP


Sunday: Active Rest Day. Stretch, take a walk, or try some Mat Pilates.


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