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Sevens Workout #2



I know you can't wait!





















Sevens are a whole different beast.  They are the same exercises I used in Tabatas this week, but trust me, this is a completely different workout.  Tabatas and Sevens are both effective in their own, unique way.



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So grab your towel, grab your water, take a few deep breaths...




Warm-up with 10-Minute Abs:

45 sec Plank with a Spiderman + Knee to Opposite Elbow

Rest 15 sec

45 sec Plank to Inverted V

Rest 15 sec

45 Sec Cross Crunch

Rest 15 sec and Repeat Sequence 2 more times!!

1 minute Plank to T-Plank


Sevens Workout #2

8-12 Side Animal Crawls*

16-24 Weighted Wood Chop*

8-12 Single-Leg Burpees* (or regular Burpees)

8-12 Reverse Lunge w/ a Twist*

8-12 Breakdancers*

8-12 Single-Leg Lunges with Upright Row*

30 sec Mountain Climbers 


*Do half of these reps on one side/leg and then switch to the other side/leg for the rest of the reps.


Sevens Protocol

Round 1: Exercises1-2

Round 2: Exercises1-3

Round 3: Exercises 1-4

Round 4: Exercises 1-5

Round 5: Exercises 1-6

Round 6: Exercises 1-7

<<1-2 Minute BREAK!!>>

Then repeat the entire sequence working backwards!










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