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Workout Plan: Jan 22-28

How are you feeling?

Any more sore muscles?

We are still getting some sore muscles! And we're sure that will be the norm through this cycle of heavier lifting.

It's amazing how tweaking things in the gym has made a huge difference both during the workouts and afterwards. The workouts feel a lot harder, and we are definitely a bit sore the next 1-2 days.

So, we are continuing to lift heavier with less reps on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, while Tuesday and Thursday are HIIT workouts to keep the metabolism revving high throughout the day. We've seen some really great results from this routine. Every now and then we mix it up, but it's a great balance between strength training and cardio to allow you to recover properly between workouts.

If this seems too daunting, you can always try the Trim in 20 Workouts. They are appropriate for beginners and people who only have a short amount of time. Each workout is about 20 minutes long and can be done in your own home (in a very small space), with no gym equipment.

Schedule some time every day to do your workout. You'll feel better and perform better throughout the day. It doesn't have to be long. But you do need to show up.

Every day.

Happy lifting!



1-3 sets of 10 SLOW reps each exercise


Tuesday: Tabatas #7


1-3 sets of 10 SLOW reps each exercise


Thursday: Sevens #7


1-3 sets of 10 SLOW reps each exercise


Saturday: 30/30 Workout OR 30+ minutes other activity


Sunday: Active Rest Day. Walk, Stretch, Yoga or Pilates


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