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Workout Plan: December 4-10

This holiday season is kinda kicking my butt! How are you doing?

I've gotten all my workouts in, but I haven't been very consistent with getting the workouts to you all. Sorry about that!

The holiday season seems to be a juggling act with multiple birthday parties, Christmas parties, school parties, office parties and concerts, not to mention normal everyday life.

These are the times that try men's souls. And habits!

So despite the busy-ness of the season, make sure to stay in control of your life, your choices, and your habits.

Keep moving, every day. Don't make excuses; make a plan. Then stick to that plan. Commit to move at least 15 minutes every day. It doesn't matter whether it's a walk or a quick HIIT workout. Keep this habit steady and strong. Then you won't have to resolve (yet again) next month/year to start an exercise routine again. You'll already have a habit in place that you can improve on if you would like.

Below is what we are doing in the gym this week, so feel free to follow along. Keep it simple or try to bump it up a notch like what we are doing. On Leg Day and Arm Day, we've bumped up our reps to 20 each exercise (most of the time). Things like 3-way squat jumps and Tri-plane Lunges we've kept at 15 because they are killer!

Hang in there and stay strong through this wonderful time of the year! And I will do my best to keep up on posting workouts for the week.



Tuesday: Tabata #1


Thursday: Sevens #1


Saturday: 100 Countdown or Activity of your choice


Sunday: Active Rest Day-- Walk, Stretch, Yoga or Pilates


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