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Workout Plan: July 24-30

It's scorching hot outside, and we're torching calories every day in the gym. Not only that, but we are continuing to build good, solid workout habits by moving our bodies every single day.

Even if you are on vacation, you can use and modify all of these workouts to fit your schedule and environment. You just may have to get creative, but that's when the workout becomes fun. I've worked out with coconuts, book bags, chairs and literally whatever I could find. And it was FUN!

So get out, get moving and have some fun this week! Leave a comment if you had to modify something or find a substitute. Let's see how much fun you have had this week being creative!



Tuesday: Torch-er #1


Wednesday: Power of 10 #2


Thursday: Torch-er #2


Saturday: 100 Countdown


Sunday: Active Recovery Day: Walk, Yoga or Pilates


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