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Torch-er Workout #1

The Torch-er Workout.


Doesn't that name have a nice ring to it? 


I'm just giddy thinking about it: Torch-er! 


(Hmmmmm..... that sounds kind of like torture...)




















I thought I made the name up, but upon a quick Google search, I realized I wasn't as original as I thought.  Oh, well!  I came up with the name on my own.


Ok, so here's the deal.  You can make this workout as long or as short as you want, so no excuses if you are short on time.  One round will take you a mere 8 minutes (not including the abs).  And it will be super effective.  You can leave it at that or repeat the entire workout 1-4 more times depending on your ability, energy level and how much time you have. 


As you can see, the workout is divided into 2 parts.  The Torch-er part and the jump rope part. 

Set a timer for repeating 2-minute intervals.  You'll perform all the Torch-er exercises as quickly as you can, aiming to finish before the 2-minute timer.  You get any remaining time for rest and recovery.  Once the timer beeps, start the Torch-er sequence over again.  You'll do three 2-minute rounds in a row.  After the third time, grab your jump rope and begin the Jump Rope Sequence. Then go back to the Torch-er sequence and do it 3 times in a row again, followed by 1 round of the Jump Rope Sequence. 


Keep repeating it if you have time.  You'll keep torching those calories and hopefully feel less inclined to blow your diet, right?


Printable PDF

You'll Need:

Kettlebell or Dumbbell

Jump rope


10 Minute Abs

45 sec/15 sec rest Crunch + Bridge

45 sec/15 sec rest Scissors + Crunch

45 sec/15 sec rest Bike Hold

Repeat 2 More Times

1 min Flutters


The Workout:

2-Minute Torch-er Sequence: Perform 3 times in a row

10 Side-to-Side Lunges (5 each leg)

10 Jump Squats

40 High Knees (20 each leg)

15 Kettlebell Swings

30 Mountain Climbers (15 each leg)

10 Jumping Jacks or Star Jumps


Jump Rope Sequence

30 sec Regular Jumps

30 sec Side-to-Side Jumps

30 sec High Knee Skips

30 sec Jack Hops


Rest 1-2 min and repeat entire workout 1-4 more times!



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