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Workout Plan: Feb 13-19

Summer bodies are made in the winter (and maintained in the summer too), so I've hand-picked some workouts to help achieve that swimsuit figure you're wanting. Not only will they help you look good, but they will also help you perform better if you're a runner, a cyclist, or any type of athlete.

If you are new to these workouts, I highly recommend that you start with one round of each set. If you feel like you can do more, go ahead and add on. My philosophy of working out is that you do enough so that you feel it (and maybe have some MILD muscle soreness) but not so much that it hurts to move the next day. You also want your workouts to energize you and not drain you. You'll be much more motivated to continue your exercise regimen if they make you feel good!

Another option is to start with the Trim in 20 series, a progressive 4-week program that you can do at home with no gym equipment in only 20(ish) minutes a day!

Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel, where all of my workout videos are posted. I've organized them into playlists, so you can pick one depending on what you're looking for.

I also post daily on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so make sure to subscribe to those too by clicking on the links in the side bar.


Thursday: Sevens #3


Saturday: Get outside and do something active for at 30-60 minutes. Do something you love: running, hiking, walking, skiing, basketball, etc.

But if you really need a gym workout, try the Torch-er #2 workout.


Sunday: REST DAY! Take a walk, do some Yoga or Pilates. Just take a day off from pushing and allow your body to rest, recover and prepare for the upcoming week.


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