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1000 Rep Workout #1

This workout, though challenging, sounds more intimidating than it actually is.  But it sounds cool and gives you some awesome bragging rights for the rest of the day!  


If this is your first time doing this workout, stick with the beginner plan.  If you've done it before, pick a more challenging option. You'll do the same amount of reps no matter which option you choose, but the difficulty increases as you increase the number of reps during the round.  You can always increase or decrease the difficulty as you progress through the workout.  Have fun with it and don't forget to smile!


Be sure to set a timer and record how long it takes you to complete the workout.  Write it down in your fitness journal so you can compare future times and see how much your fitness improves!


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You'll Need:

Dumbbell or Kettlebell (or gallon of water)

Jump Rope


Warm-up: 10-Minute Abs

3x50-sec Punch Abs; rest 10 sec

3x 50-sec Left Leg Swing; rest 10 sec

3x 50-sec Right Leg Swing; rest 10 sec



1000 Rep Workout #1


1. 50 Burpees


2. 50 High Knees Run in Place (each leg)


3.  50 Side Jump + Burpee w/ Tuck Jump


4.  50 Elevated Plank Alternating Knee Tucks


5.  50 Jump Lunges


6.  50 Tuck Jumps


7.  50 Overhead Press w/ Left Reverse Lunge and Snap Kick


8.  50 Jumping Jacks/ Star Jumps


9.  50 Overhead Press w/ Right Reverse Lunge and Snap Kick


10.  50 Lying Bicycles (each side)


11.  500 Jump Rope Skips


Beginner:  5 x 10/100 (5 rounds of 10 reps each exercise + 100 jump rope skips) 

Intermediate:  1 x 10/100 + 2 x 20/200

Advanced:  1 x 20/200 + 1 x 30/300 OR 2 x 25/250

Ultra:  1 x 50/500


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