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Workout Plan: January 23-29

Winter is in full force here, so it is a perfect time to focus on getting strong and building the body you want to have by the time summer hits.

These workouts are exactly what I do each day. What I post is my plan for the week.

Make sure to pick the option that is best for your time and your ability level. These are tough workouts, so don't feel bad if you cannot complete the full advanced option! Start with the beginner option and add on if you feel like you can do more. It is always better to start slowly and work your way in, so you get stronger without feeling overly sore or risk injury or overtraining/burnout.

It can take months or even a year or so, depending on your health, ability, and consistency in training to advance. It is ok! Train the body you have before you each day. Some days you may feel more energized. Others you may feel weak, unmotivated, or lethargic. That is just life. Respect it, do an appropriate workout for how you feel that day, and evaluate how you feel afterwards. It takes practice and patience, but you'll get a good feel for what you can handle.

Also, check out the Trim in 20 workouts for quick workouts you can do at home with no gym equipment. They are geared for beginners and progress in difficulty each week!


Thursday: Sevens #7


Saturday: Get outside (if possible) and do an activity you love.

If you're really needing a gym workout, try The Superhero Workout and kick off you're weekend feeling strong and invincible!


Sunday: Take a rest day. Go for a walk.

Do some Yoga or Mat Pilates. Breathe and enjoy the break!


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