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Tabata Workout #7

If you ever need to get out of a workout rut, add some Tabatas into your routine. 

If you give it 100% for each 20-second interval, you will get an incredible workout in 4 minutes. 

But how many of us actually push that hard? 

It's much easier to "pace yourself" during each interval so you don't get so tired. 

But Tabatas, in the pure form, should be done with all-out effort. 

When I hear someone say that Tabatas aren't hard, I know they are not putting in 100% effort.




















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Today's Tabata routine will consist of:

1 Round of Tabatas (4-8 rounds)

Ab Circuit 

30-second Burpee interval (or 1 min if you're advanced)


Tabatas Protocol:

You'll perform each exercise 4, 6, or 8 times for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. On single-sided exercises you will need to switch sides either every round, every 2 rounds, or at the halfway round.


You'll need:


Weight or Medicine Ball

Bench or Chair


Beginner:  perform 4 rounds of each Tabata

Intermediate: perform 6 rounds of each Tabata

Advanced: perform 8 rounds of each Tabata + 1 min cardio interval



5 minutes walking, light jogging, jumping rope, yoga sun salutations or the Basic Mat Pilates Routine.


Ab Circuit:

10 Russian Twists (each side)

10 Forward Seated Bicycles (each leg)

10 Backward Seated Bicycles (each leg)

10 Seated Knee-ins

10 Full-Body V's


The Workout

Tabata 1: Mat Hops

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Single Arm Burpees (Right Arm)


Tabata 2: Bench Squat Jumps

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Single Arm Burpees (Left Arm)


Tabata 3: 180 Mountain Climbers

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Right Side Burpees 


Tabata 4: Halo Slams

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Left Side Burpees 


Tabata 5: Quad Push-ups

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Single Leg Burpees (Right Leg)


Tabata 6: Break Dancers

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Single Leg Burpees (Left Leg)


Tabata 7: Decline Bench Run (Face Melters)

Ab Circuit

30-60 sec Wide Leg Burpees 


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