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The Superhero Workout

This workout is gonna make you feel like a SUPERHERO!!

And, frankly, I think you are all superheroes!


I love seeing the results of your hard work.  I love hearing that these workouts have helped you feel better, run better, look better, and grow stronger, mentally, emotionally, and physically.


I love superhero workouts because they help gear me up for the day.  I know that no matter what punches life throws at me, I CAN TAKE IT! 


Working out is just as much about training your mind as it is about training your body.  I love exercise, whether it's running, hiking, swimming, lifting, yoga, Pilates, martial arts, etc.  But I don't do it to be a certain weight.  Ok, part of it is to maintain my weight.  But the biggest factor is the mental game.  On days I can't workout, I feel it is REALLY difficult to not feel mentally defeated.  I HAVE to do something physically hard in the morning.  It gets me up and going.  It clears the mental fog.  And I know I can face the day.


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  • Set an interval timer for 10 or 20 rounds of 50 sec work, 10 sec rest.

  • Do HIIT Set 1 and repeat it once you get to the endo of it (opt).

  • Then do the  box hops and battle ropes (watch the video for alternatives)

(OR just rest for 2 minutes)

  • Then do HIIT Set 2, repeating the entire sequence again if you want.

  • Finish with the box hops and battle ropes

(OR just catch your breath, stretch, and drink your water!)


Beginner: 1 round of each set; take breaks when necessary

Intermediate: 1-2 rounds of each set; 30-sec break between sets

Advanced: 2 rounds of each set; no breaks


You'll Need:

Repeating Interval Timer set for 50/10

Bench, Box or Low Table

Cones or Obstacles to jump over (opt)

Battle Ropes (opt)

1 Dumbbell (10+ lbs)

Your Favorite Superhero Cape (opt)




Basic Mat Pilates Routine


The Workout:

HIIT Set 1: Perform 1-2 times in a row

Jumping Jacks w/ Alt Elbow to Opposite Knee


Glute Bridge w/ Heel Touch-downs

Plank-to-Stand Heel Clicks

Skater Touchdowns

Whips Right

High Knees

Whips Left

Plank Pendulums


*Repeat Sequence*


10 Box Hops and Jumps

30 sec Battle Rope Wiggles

30 sec Battle Rope Slams


HIIT Set 2: Perform 1-2 times in a row

2 Jump Lunges + 2 Low Squat Pulses



Plank Up-Down + Side Plank

Around the Worlds

2 Plank Jacks + Bird-Dog Tuchs

2 Seal Jacks + 2 Criss Cross Jacks

2 Tricep Dips + 2 Hip Raises

Diamond Push-up Burpee

Ball-Bench Taps

*Repeat Sequence*


10 Box Hops and Jumps

30 sec Battle Rope Wiggles

30 sec Battle Rope Slams



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