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Workout Plan: October 21-27

This week was MUCH better than last week! We were not nearly as sore after our workouts - mild soreness and that was it. It's amazing how quickly our bodies can adapt!

This week we will stick with the same plan for weight lifting days this week - 4 rounds of 8 reps per exercise. It's ok to improvise if you must. For instance, I am on Fall Break for part of this week, so I will have my resistance bands and will do the best I can with them.

Keep track of how much weight you are using and note when you can increase that weight, by how much, and if it resulted in any additional muscle soreness afterwards. It's always helpful to keep a log to refer back to and track your progress.

Here's to another great week! As always, follow me on social media to see variations, tips and tricks that I post (and shenanigans as we get ready for Halloween)!



Monday: Lower Body Blast #1 (8 reps each)


Friday: Full Body Burnout #1 (8 reps each)


Saturday: 30+ minutes activity outside


Sunday: REST DAY - walk, stretch, yoga, Pilates


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