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Workout Plan: May 13-19

Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there reading this today! I hope you feel loved and appreciated today.

As I've been thinking about mothers this week and my own experiences with motherhood, I've realized that many women have played the role of "mother" in my life. So many women, both young and old, have influenced me and my decisions in life and helped shape me to become the best version of myself. Not all of these women had children of their own. Some had never married. Some were younger than me. Some were much older than me. But they all impacted my life for good and were there to nurture me when I needed it.

I hope you take the time today and this week to recognize and thank the women in your life who have played the role of "mother" at some time or another.

Being a mother is often a very under-appreciated job and can be thankless. As a mother myself, I have learned the importance of taking care of myself so I have the physical and mental capacity to give to my husband, my children, and others around me.

I love the group I have formed to do these workouts with. We motivate each other, encourage each other, rejoice together, cry together, and help each other through life and problems. It's our physical, social, and emotional self-care that we do together each day.

These workouts don't have to be long. Keep them short by doing only 1 set of each circuit if you are tired, don't have much time, or are new to working out. They only look daunting, but I PROMISE you that you are capable of more than you think.

Take time to care for yourself a little each day and you will be better able to serve others around you!

Create a support group if you can. Get your friends, family or neighbors to help you. Or just forge ahead and do these on your own. No matter what, know that you are amazing. That you matter. That you are important. And you have special gifts that allow you to change the world for good.

I hope you have a wonderful day and week!



Tuesday: Tabata #11


Thursday: Sevens #10


Saturday: 30+ Minutes Activity of Your Choice


Sunday: Mat Pilates


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