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Workout Plan: Feb 5-11

Whew! Our month of lifting slow and heavy is DONE!

Of course, you may continue that way if you would like.

But we're switching it up again in the Guinea Pig Gym this week. We're using lighter weights and doing sets of 20 reps for most exercises. The first 10 will be slow (count to 3 during while contracting the muscle and another 3 while releasing) and the last 10 will be fast to really burn out the muscles. Another option would be to use heavier weights for the first 10 and drop to lighter weights for the last 10 reps. This only applies to the Monday and Wednesday workouts this week. Everything else will remain the same.

As always, stay within your ability level. If sets of 20 is too many, try sets of 10 with the first 5 reps slow and the last 5 reps fast. With consistency, over time you will be able to increase the number of reps you do and the amount of weight you lift. You may also opt to do the Trim in 20 Workouts if you are short on time or have no equipment or are just plain intimidated by the workouts posted below. They are a great starting point, and are great for anyone of any level.

Be patient and stay consistent and I promise you that the results will follow!

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, go ahead and leave a comment below or you may email me directly. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@6packguineapigs), Facebook (@6packguineapigs), and Twitter (@6PackGuineaPigs) to see what I'm up to and some other options for the workouts!

Have a wonderful week!



Tuesday: Torch-er #2


Sunday: Active Rest Day. Walk, Stretch, Yoga, or Pilates.


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