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Workout Plan: Sep 18-24

This week we will continue lifting our lifting routines with HIIT/cardio workouts. After cutting back on the weights all summer, we are all definitely feeling some sore muscles, but it feels good to get back into a regular lifting routine! How are you feeling? Mild soreness is OK, but if you're so sore you can barely move, scale back on the weight, the reps, and/or the number of repetitions per set.

If these workouts seem too intimidating, start with the Trim in 20 Series. All the workouts are 20(ish) minutes long and can be done at home with no equipment. It's a great place to start and will still give you an amazing workout in a short amount of time.

If you ever have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment below or email me directly. I will always do anything I can to help you achieve your goals! And be sure to join the Facebook group and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more tips, tricks, and tweaks for workouts and healthy eating!



Tuesday: Tabata #4


Thursday: Sevens #2


Sunday: REST DAY! Take a walk and stretch out with some Mat Pilates.


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