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This workout will hit all the major muscle groups in the lower half of your body.  You can make it easier by not using weights and stepping rather than jumping.  Or take it up a notch and add weights and the jumps.  The heavier the weights you use, the harder the workout and the greater the calorie burn.  However, it is crucial that you use proper form when lifting heavy to avoid injury!

Lower Body Blast #3

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Beginner: 1-2 sets of 8-10 reps each; no weights or light weights

Intermediate: 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps each; light-medium weights
Advanced: 4 sets of 15 reps each; medium-heavy weights


You'll Need:

Bench or Chair

Leg Press Machine (opt)

Leg Extension Machine (opt)

Dumbbells or Resistance Bands

Stability Ball (opt)

Hamstring Curl Machine (opt)

Warm-up: 10-Minute Ab Routine

45 sec Full Body V's (w/ Ball Pass-Through, opt)

rest 15 set

45 sec Superman-Banana

rest 15 set

45 sec Seated Chair Swing

rest 15 set; Repeat sequence 2 more times!

1 min SLOW Lying Bicycles


2 minutes jumping jacks OR jog/march in place


The Workout


Set 1: Perform 1-4 times in a row

8-15 Leg Press OR 3-Sec Squat Hold (w/ weights, opt)

16-30 Walking Lunges (w/ weights, opt)

8-15 Narrow-Wide Squat Jumps (each)

1-Minute Cardio: Bench Run


Set 2: Perform 1-4 times in a row

8-15 Jump Lunges (each leg)

8-15 Leg Extensions

8-15 Prisoner Squats (w/ weights, opt)

1-Minute Cardio: Right Leg "Step-Knee"


Set 3: Perform 1-4 times in a row

8-15 Hamstring Curls (machine OR stability ball)

8-20 Hip Raises

8-15 Calf Walkouts

1-Minute Cardio: Left Leg "Step-Knee"


Bonus Giant Set: Repeat from the top and perform 1 set of all 9 exercises, omitting cardio


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