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Workout Plan: Sep 28-Oct 4

I just got back from a fabulous week unplugged! It was a much needed break from normal life, Covid Crazies, and social media (especially after watching Social Dilemma). I got to go hiking, trail running, canyoneering, jeep riding, star gazing, and just being outdoors all day every day. It was AWESOME!! I think that's my favorite thing about having a consistent exercise routine - I can pretty much do almost ANYTHING I want without much training! I'm ready to jump into any adventure I get invited on!

I have some exciting adventures coming down the chute in October! I don't want to talk about them quite yet, but they have been bucket list items for a LONG TIME. Like 10+ years!!! The first one is in 2 weeks, so I don't have a lot of time to get ready. Fortunately, I'm pretty ready already, but I am a little scared. Just as a bit of insurance, I'm picking out some workouts that will help get me ready. Aren't you lucky that you always get to follow along with my training? LOL!

I'm going to need some good quad strength, so I'm making sure my leg workouts have kneeling sissy squats. Those can make you so sore! But they are also excellent for helping prepare your legs for a downhill beating and an uphill battle. In addition to lifting, I'll be getting in some trail runs/hikes that focus on gaining vert. It's hard. Uphill is NOT my favorite, but I've got to get that practice in to be ready for adventure number 1! And core is going to be super important so I don't get back pain.

What are your bucket list adventures? Tell me about them!

I'll be reporting on mine as I check them off my list!

Let's get ready for those adventures!!!



Monday: Lower Body Blast 8


Tuesday: Tabata 7


Wednesday: Upper Body Sculpt 4


Thursday: Sevens 7


Friday: Full Body Burnout 4


Saturday: 30+ minutes outdoor activity OR HIIT Blaster 2


Sunday: Active Recovery Day - take a walk, stretch, Pilates, yoga


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