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Take THAT Covid!

What a weekend!!!

If you've been reading this for a bit, you know that I've spent the last 5 months clawing my way back from an injury to run a marathon. I seriously doubted I could do it during my training, both in the beginning, middle, and even 2 weeks ago. But I put in the work. Every day. And watched as my endurance increased.

Yesterday, I put all doubts and fears behind me and ran the 124th Annual Boston Marathon, Virtual Edition. It was exciting, exhilarating, amazing and hard. Because the marathon was virtual this year, I got to choose my own course, run it with my friends (each taking a different section), and finish with my family, friends, and neighbors at the MOST AMAZING finish line ever that my party-happy husband orchestrated.

I didn't pick an easy course. It had over 1,600 ft of elevation loss over the course, but it also had almost 1,000 ft of elevation gain, including my own version of Heartbreak Hill at mile 20. I originally had planned a pretty easy, mostly downhhill course, but then my husband asked if I could reroute the race to end at a specific location so he could plan out an amazing finish line. So I did. I reworked that course over and over and ultimately decided to string together almost all of my regular running routes into one single marathon course. And it was 100% worth it!!

My wonderful workout group girls showed up and helped me run that course. Voluntarily! It was so cool to get to "run Boston" and share that experience with them, especially since most of them will probably never run a marathon. But they could be part of Boston this year! They kept me going when I really wanted to stop and walk.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who show up every day to work out and run with me. I also feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by people who support me in my big, lofty goals. I was blown away at how many people came to cheer me in yesterday morning. It meant A LOT to me! I cried a little as I ran towards the finish line and seeing everyone there. My husband and kids, who see me come in from my run every morning, usually happy, sometimes frustrated or mad or sad. My parents and family, who don't understand why I like to run and probably think I'm a little nuts (hahaha). My neighbor who is suffering from ALS and can no longer do many of the things he once loved to do. My sweet friend who helped inspire this whole Six Pack Guinea Pigs group, running with two babies in her DOUBLE JOGGER, and 6-year old in tow on a bike. My Latina girls who brought the PARTAY and made the whole experience FUN! A new friend I literally met a month ago at a race and hardly know. My girls who show up for the runs and workouts I plan and have been with me through thick and thin. It was unbelievable! And unforgettable!

So, take THAT, Covid-19! Boston was EPIC this year and will go down as one of my favorite races EVER!!

Ok, enough about me and my race...

I think we often underestimate our impact on others. The world NEEDS us. Our families and friends need us. And we need them! I never thought my interest in health and fitness would EVER impact anyone besides a few friends and neighbors. But there they were, all showing up, for ME! To support me in something that was important to me. Reminding me that I also show up for THEM and have impacted their lives as well.

So, after reading through all this, what impact are YOU going to have on the world? I challenge you to take a moment to reflect on your gifts and abilities. What do you offer to the world? Who do you impact? Write it down. Let it flow, and I think you'll be surprised at how much you matter.

And then, once you're done, get up and do your workout (like what I've planned out below) -- you'll be pumped and ready to tackle anything life brings!




Tuesday: Tabata #3


Thursday: Sevens #4


Saturday: 30+ Minutes Activity of Choice, outside if possible OR 12- minute Jump Rope Workout if you're short on time


Sunday: Active Rest Day- walk, stretch, yoga, Pilates - whatever makes you happy


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