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Sevens Workout #4


I'm not sure if I love these or hate these!


I hate them.  But I love them when I'm done...


They sure work up and sweat and kick your booty, leaving you lying on the floor for a minute or two to catch your breath and let your body stop shaking.


I love it.  And I hate it.




















Printable PDF



You'll Need:


Medicine Ball or Weight (5-10 lbs)



Beginner: 6-8 reps of each

Intermediate: 10 reps of each

Advanced: 12 reps of each


Sevens Protocol

Round 1: Exercises1-2

Round 2: Exercises1-3

Round 3: Exercises 1-4

Round 4: Exercises 1-5

Round 5: Exercises 1-6

Round 6: Exercises 1-7

<<1-2 Minute BREAK!!>>

Then repeat the entire sequence working backwards!


Warm-up: 10 Min Abs Routine

50 sec Plank Jacks + 1 Spiderman on each side

10 sec rest

50 sec Pikes (on Stability Ball opt)

10 sec rest

50 sec Russian Twists

10 sec rest; Repeat sequence two more times!!

1 min Low Plank Side-to-Sides



30 sec Alt Jump Squat to Jump Lunge


12 Down-Dog + Diver Push-up + Up-Dog


12 Towel Crawl


12 Push-up + Plank Bird-Dog


12 Single-Leg Deadlift


12 Skull Crusher w/ Scissors Legs


30 sec Mountain Climbers


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