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Workout Plan: Nov 4-10

How did you like the new protocol of keeping the same weightlifting workouts the same throughout the month? Did you notice anything? Did you feel like you could do the routine easier? Or did it drive you crazy doing the same exercises each time?

I personally noticed that the exercises got easier towards the end of the month and that I could lift heavier weights without getting really sore. Win!!

Now that it's November, we're changing workouts. I've chosen workouts that are pretty different than last month's. I'm also going to begin doing the Tabatas and Sevens this month, so I'm going to start with less reps so I'm not completely sore. I'm still training for one final race this year, so I don't want to expend too much time, energy and strength on other "fun" workouts. Instead, I will use any leftover time for core, stretching, and mobility work. LESS IS MORE!

These workouts are designed for overall strength and fitness, so feel free to adapt them to your specific needs. Sometimes I swap out exercises for others that I feel I need to work on more. Or if something is hurting, I'll do something else instead. Or if I feel like we've already done enough push-ups, I'll work another muscle group that I feel has been a little neglected.

Here's to another GREAT week!



Monday: Lower Body Blast #4 (8 reps per exercise using weights)


Tuesday: Tabata #5 (4-6 rounds per Tabata set)


Wednesday: Upper Body Sculpt #2 (8 reps per exercise using weights)


Thursday: Sevens #10 (8-10 reps per exercise)


Friday: Full Body Burnout #3 (8 reps per exercise using weights)


Saturday: 30+ minutes activity, outdoors if possible


Sunday: REST DAY - walk, stretch, yoga, Pilates


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