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Workout Plan: Aug 26-Sep 1

It SURE feels good to be back in a stable workout routine again! We are killing it in the gym and have the sore muscles to prove it! There's nothing like a healthy amount of soreness to make you realize how hard you're working... LOL!

I've had a few responses about the What's Your Goal Challenge, so please let me know what your goals are so you can be eligible for prizes! And for the accountability that goes with it. You don't have anything to lose (except for maybe some pounds, inches, or bad habits), so be sure to sign up this week!

We're still going to keep reps high this week with zero to light weights and add in 1 round of a Tabata exercise to get the heart pumping. For instance, on Wednesday, after the final round of chest press, push-ups and single-arm back rows, set a timer for 6-8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest. Then perform Jumping Jacks or Star Jumps for all 6-8 rounds before moving on to Set 2 exercises. After the final round of Set 2 Exercises, perform 6-8 rounds of high knees or tuck jumps (or alternate between the 2); 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. Likewise, after the final round of the Set 3 exercises, perform 6-8 rounds of Jump Rope or Stair Run (or any cardio exercise of your choice). That'll give you a total of 9-12 minutes of HIIT Cardio along with the strength exercises! That's quite a workout session!

I hope you have a FANTASTIC week this week and start really working towards your goals!



Tuesday: Torch-er #1


Wednesday: Upper Body Sculpt #2 + Tabata cardio between sets


Friday: Full Body Burnout #5 + Tabata cardio between sets


Saturday: 30+ min Activity of Choice


Sunday: REST and RECOVER - walk, stretch, foam roll, etc.


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