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Workout Plan: May 27-June 2

It's officially summertime here with my kids out of school!

I made it through last week and got to enjoy an amazing weekend with my friend, helping her train for her upcoming Half Ironman race. It's been super rainy and chilly here, so we headed south to one of my favorite training places on earth - St. George, Utah. It was sunny and warm and nice and hilly. Perfect for getting some good, solid race training! It was a quick 24-hour trip, but we got one hot run in Friday afternoon, a 3-hour bike ride with lots of hill climbing (over 2500 ft) on Saturday, and finished with running 5 more miles right after that bike ride. It was hot, but it was soooo good!

One thing I LOVE about living an active lifestyle and doing these workouts is that I can go on these adventures without really training. I run pretty much every day and do the workouts I post. I try to swim 2-3 times a week (usually pretty short - like 10 minutes) and I rarely bike, though I should really cut out a run or two and replace it with some cycling. Having a good base of physical fitness can help you be spontaneous when your friends invite you to go on a hike or a run or a bike ride or anything else. You'll enjoy your time so much more when you're not struggling for air or feeling like you're going to die from physical exertion.

These workouts I've put together will help you be stronger and live an active lifestyle. They will help you move better and perform better. Several members of my workout group have noticed they can run faster and longer, especially up hills, or that it helps them not get winded as quickly when hiking or playing tennis. And their bodies have changed as well, becoming leaner and more athletic-looking.

It's so cool to watch the transformations, and some of them happen really quickly in a matter of a couple of months!

What benefits have you noticed by working out consistently? Write it down and see how it changes over time!

Keep up the great work! Let's get stronger together!



Friday: Roarin' 20's Workout + Yoga


Saturday: 30+ minutes activity of your choice, outside if possible


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