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Workout Plan: March 11-17

I hope you've been watching my Instagram or Facebook posts. Even though we've been repeating all my original workouts, they are SO different using resistance bands! As much as possible, we are using bands instead of weights.

I am blown away at how different the workouts are just by using resistance bands!

It's been pretty crazy!

We will continue using bands this week, which will definitely make Monday's Booty Blaster a little... ummm... interesting.

I always recommend beginning with a light resistance band for the first round and then deciding whether or not to increase it for future rounds.

Are you using resistance bands to do these? If so, let me know what you think! Also, be sure to follow me on social media to see how we are using the bands.

I hope you have an INCREDIBLE week!



Thursday: Sevens #8


Friday: YOGA DAY! Try this Total Body Yoga- Deep Stretch


Saturday: 30+ activity of your choice


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