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Workout Plan: Jan 7-13

I've been thinking a lot about workouts lately. As I was on vacation over the Christmas break, I completed most of my workouts (including running/cardio) in the fitness center due to an overuse injury from running and not consistently doing all the proper recovery. As I watched the trainers work with their clients, I was reminded that everyone has different needs and goals. And everyone has different reasons for working out.

I strength train to help me run faster and stronger and be more resilient and less injury-prone. The workouts I plan combine traditional strength training with functional training, Pilates, yoga, and explosive plyometrics to build power. I also try to do daily core work because every movement comes from the core. Additionally, a strong, healthy core (front, back, and side to side) will help you move better in daily life as well as help improve your posture and protect you from "age-related" injuries.

(Now I guess I need to add in more mobility and flexibilty... If only there were more hours in a day!)

I don't really focus on building huge glutes. You'll need to follow a different program for that. In fact, my goal is not to really build huge muscles at all, but to build strong, lean(ish) muscles that will help you achieve an overall strong, healthy, athletic-looking figure that moves well and performs well.

I was also reminded that you only get out of a workout what you put in. However, that does not mean you have to kill yourself every day. Do what you can. Make some days hard and take other days easy. Just make it a point to move daily. My workout group can all attest that I don't always go all-out. If I'm tired, I still work out, but I lift lighter weights and fewer reps. And the cardio intervals are less intense.

One last thought. Many of the people I watched being trained were probably 60-80 years old. That is so amazing! I hope to still be running and playing and living a totally active lifestyle when I'm 80, 90, and 100 years old! Obviously, my workouts will probably continue to change and evolve over the decades, but choosing to do them daily, consistently, and making them a habit will pay huge dividends in the future. I saw lots of proof of that!

Why do YOU work out? Leave me a comment!

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Saturday: 20-Minute AMRAP or Activity of Your Choice


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