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Workout Plan: Oct 22-28

This is our last week of the 10/10 reps protocol: 10 SLOW reps followed immediately by 10 quick reps. Get those muscles burning and fired up and enjoy this last week of FUN!

Next month we'll lift a little differently to focus more on strength and less muscle endurance. So watch for good things to come!

I've been testing some new warm-ups using resistance bands in the gym this month, and the results have been very promising so far. I hope to get those filmed and posted. They have been great for building strength and speed for running and biking and get all the muscles firing.

The majority of my workouts are designed to help build strength and endurance to keep me running strong, long, and injury-free. I'm constantly looking for/testing out different approaches, strategies, and exercises to support that. If there is every anything you want me to try or post about, let me know!

And don't forget to follow me on social media to see what we're doing in the gym, as well as different variations for the exercises!

Hope you all have a great week!



Tuesday: Tabata #3


*10/10 reps: 10 slow, 10 fast each exercise (except push-up rows)


Thursday: Sevens #3


Saturday: Go PLAY outside for at least 30 minutes today


Sunday: Mat Pilates


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