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Workout Plan: May 7-13

Sorry that I've dropped the ball on posting workouts. The last few weeks have been busy and have brought some huge changes for my family, in addition to traveling and increasing my running mileage in preparation for an upcoming marathon.

I am definitely not perfect in my blogging, but I do my best. I most often post workouts, recipes, and tips and tricks on my Instagram or Facebook group page @6packguineapigs so be sure to follow me on there.

However, I am recommitting to get back into the habit of posting workout plans here again!

So, here are the workouts I am planning on doing in the gym this week. Monday and Wednesday we are going to do 4 sets of 10 reps per exercise, which will allow us to use slightly heavier weights. If you are just starting to workout, follow the Beginner option for each workout to ease yourself into the routines.


Tuesday: Tabata #7


Thursday: Sevens #6


Saturday: 30+ minutes activity of your choice OR Cardio Blast 2


Sunday: REST DAY! Walk, stretch or try this Basic Mat Pilates Routine


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