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Workout Plan: Feb 12-18

How are you feeling?

Are you noticing any improvements?

What do you find difficult?

We thought it was really difficult to do the 10 Slow/10 Fast format last week. It was a killer!

Since most of the workouts this week are done in time intervals, the only workout that will change is Wednesday's upper body workout. We are going to do sets of 20-30 quick reps (with lighter weights) for each exercise. It'll be a burner for sure! But that's how we get stronger and avoid plateaus!

I also apologize for repeating the 30/30 Better Butt Workout, but it's such a great workout! So, we're doing it again!

If you are new to these workouts, stick with the original format as outlined in the plan and always start with the beginner option. Trust me! You may be miserably sore if you jump right in to the advanced option right away. And that is not fun. Mild soreness is ok, but not severe, "I can hardly move" soreness. Of course, you may always start with the Trim in 20 Series. They can all be done in about 20 minutes in the comfort of your own home with no equipment. It's a great way to ease into fitness!


Thursday: Sevens #9


Saturday: Cardio Blast #2 OR 30+ minutes any activity of your choice


Sunday: Active Rest Day. Walk, Stretch, Yoga or Pilates.


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