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Workout Plan: Jan 8-14

Happy New Year!

Since it is a New Year, let's change up how we're working out.

If you continue doing the same exercises the same way with the same weight, you'll plateau. Keep your muscles challenged by changing how you move.

This month we will be focusing on lifting a little heavier than before. Despite what the workout plans say, keep your reps low (like 8-10 reps per exercise) but increase the weight and keep the motion slow. For each exercise I want you to count to 3 as you lift the weight and count to 3 again as you lower it. This is slow and deliberate. Follow this plan for all Lower Body Blast, Upper Body Sculpt, and Full Body Burnout sessions.

It will feel harder, but it will be worth it. Hang in there, keep breathing, and do your best. It's only 10 reps. It's less than what you've been doing. You CAN do it!



10 SLOW 6-count reps/exercise


Tuesday: Tabata #7


10 SLOW 6-count reps/exercise


Thursday: Sevens #6


Saturday: 30+ Minutes Activity of your choice OR Roarin' 20's Workout


Sunday: Take a walk, stretch, Pilates or Yoga


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