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Workout Plan: June 19-25


Longer days often means more sunshine, more time outdoors, swimming, backyard BBQ's, evening walks or bike rides, etc.

It is really easy to get less sleep because the sun rises earlier and sets later. And if you have kids, they are often out playing later because school is out and it's just nice to chill and enjoy the pleasant evenings.

However, sleep is still super important! Sleep is a great form of recovery. It's the time when your body shuts down so that it can "clean up all the garbage" from the day (aka "detox"). It's the time when muscle and tissue growth and repair occurs. Sleep also helps regulate hormones such as leptin and cortisol, which can greatly affect weight loss and energy. So, your goal this week is to get plenty of sleep at night. Research studies have shown that 7-9 hours of sleep each night are optimal for proper rest and recovery.

Also be sure to take advantage of the weekly active rest day! If you have a foam roller, spend some time rolling out those muscles. Daily is best, even 5 minutes a day. But once a week is still better than none at all. So take the opportunity to rest your muscles from their normal workload, stretch them out and work out the kinks. And don't forget to go for a walk to keep your legs fresh and happy!



* To make this a longer workout, increase each exercise to 1 minute each and perform Circuits 1 & 2 two or three times each.


Wednesday: Power of 10 #1


* To make this workout longer, increase each exercise to 1 minute each and perform Circuits 1 & 2 either two or three times each. You could also use free weights or resistance bands instead of water bottles.


Saturday: Fun Day! Get outside and enjoy a fun activity outdoors for at least 30 minutes. For a quick gym workout try Trim in 20: Cardio Blast #2.


Sunday: Active Rest Day! Take a walk, do some yoga, Pilates, stretching and some foam rolling.


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