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Workout Plan: May 8-14

May is often a busy month, especially if you have kids in school.

Rather than let all the busyness crowd out your workout, schedule a time to get it in every day. It doesn't have to take long! All of the workouts below can be completed in 20-30 minutes if you only perform 1 round of each set. Be consistent with your workouts and you will see strength gains!

Several members of my workout groups could barely do a push-up on their knees when they started. But now they all bust out multiple reps of 15 like it's no big deal! Others seriously struggled with jumping rope. Now they jump rope like a boss! It has been amazing to watch each member improve and get stronger and more fit.

These workouts really work! I feel truly blessed and grateful for everyone who has done the workouts and called me, ecstatic with the results they get. They may look hard, but you CAN do them. Start with the beginner option. A little bit of something every day is better than nothing every day. Start slowly and gradually increase the weight and difficulty as you feel ready.

I know you can do great things! You just have to start!



Tuesday: Tabata #2


Thursday: Sevens #9


Saturday: Torch-er #2 OR get outside and play today for at least 30 minutes


Sunday: ACTIVE REST DAY: Take a walk, stretch, do some Yoga or Mat Pilates.


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