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Workout Plan March 27-April 2

Every few weeks I like to change up my routine, so my body doesn't get used to a certain routine. Normally, Mondays are leg days, Tuesdays are Tabatas, Wednesdays are upper body, Thursdays are Sevens and Fridays are kinda whatever I feel like doing, usually some sort of full-body or HIIT workout.

This week we have a lot of full body workouts and cardio. It's perfect for kicking your metabolism into high gear as you get ready for Spring Break and summer.

Because I'm switching up the routine, you may feel a bit more muscle soreness this week. So, if you are new to these workouts, keep them light. That means stick with the Beginner option and perform only 1 round of each. I promise you will still get a good workout! Don't get overzealous because swimsuit season is coming. It's ok to be MILDLY sore. But if you are so sore that it hurts to move, you did too much. If you overdid it, take time to stretch, take some walks, drink more water throughout the day and schedule some time to take an epsom salt bath. Or consider taking a magnesium supplement or rubbing your sore muscles with magnesium oil. Magnesium is wonderful for helping to reduce inflammation, but be careful not to overdo it if you take a supplement. Too much magnesium will result in a laxative effect... That is why an epsom salt bath or magnesium oil are helpful. Your body will absorb what it needs and you will not be running for the nearest bathroom all day.

If you like the workouts, make sure to like them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to subscribe to all of those accounts for more health and fitness tips and tricks. Feel free to email me here or reach out on the Facebook group. I'm happy to help in any way I can, and it's always fun to build and be part of a community as we all help each other.


Saturday: Get outside and play today! Get 30-60 minutes of movement outdoors (weather permitting). If you need a quick workout, try Torch-er #1.


Sunday: REST DAY! Take a walk or do some Yoga or Pilates. Let your body rest from all the hard work you've done this week!


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