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Workout Plan: Feb 6-12

I want to begin this week by saying THANK YOU!!!! to everyone who has signed up to get these emails! I am humbled by the overwhelming response and support. I hope to be able to supply you with workouts and tools to help you get more fit and achieve your health and fitness goals.

What I post in this blog are the workouts we do in the Guinea Pig Gym, and we have all seen amazing results. But it takes consistency. Patience. Hard work. Rest. And a good mental attitude sure helps too.

There are some days when we feel GREAT! And there are other days when we feel tired and kinda dreading the workout. On the great days, we forge ahead. On the rough days, sometimes we go ahead with the workout and do less reps or less rounds of each set. Or sometimes I just pick a different workout that will give aching body parts a little more rest. And sometimes we forge ahead with the planned workout anyways and we feel amazing afterwards. Listen to your body. It is OK to deviate from the routine if you are legitimately exhausted. But don't use that as an excuse to not do anything. Get some movement in every single day. Push yourself a little bit and get out of your comfort zone. That will give you the greatest results.

If you're new to my workouts, Trim in 20 is a fantastic place to start. It is a 4-week progressive series that can be done with no gym equipment and takes only 20(ish) minutes per workout. And I've filmed the entire workout, so you just hit play and I'll guide you (and sweat with you) through the entire workout.

If you want to try the workouts I am doing, follow the plan below. I have included options for beginners and intermediates, but just know that these workouts are pretty tough. If you are so sore the next day that you can hardly move, you've definitely pushed too hard. Mild soreness is fine, but if you're struggling to sit or walk up and down stairs, back off the next few workouts. Do fewer reps and/or fewer rounds of each set.


Wednesday: Power of 10 #1


Saturday: Get outside and do something active for 30-60 minutes!

Or try the 30/30 Workout


Sunday: Take a walk or do some Yoga or Pilates. Enjoy your REST DAY!


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