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Workout Plan: December 20-25

"Christmas, Christmas time is near,

Time for toys and time for cheer..."

And time for some kick-butt workouts to keep you in tip-top shape for the holiday season!

If you're traveling, take some resistance bands with you if you have them.

Otherwise, use some water bottles, fill a backpack with whatever you can find, or use your suitcase as a weight, kinda like a sandbag! Be creative and improvise. Use a hand towel to create resistance or your own body weight. Find ways to do your workout, not excuses. You've got this and your body and mind will thank you for it once you get it done!


Tuesday: Tabata #3


Thursday: Sevens #3


Saturday: 30-60 minutes of any activity of your choice or try


Sunday: Merry Christmas! Rest or try 30-60 minutes of walking, yoga or Pilates



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