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Workout Plan: Aug 31-Sep 6

Yesterday I got to run a real, live half marathon! Despite the Covid pandemic, I feel very fortunate to have found actual races to run. It's funny because the 2 races I planned on this year have both been cancelled, but I found 3 other races to run instead! Sounds like a WIN!

So much of life is how we view it. I know a lot of people who have given up training, gotten out of shape, (re)adopted less than ideal eating habits, etc. because of Covid restrictions. But I also know a lot of people who have taken the time they have to exercise more, change their eating habits for the better, and start/keep training towards races that may or may not happen.

We can't always control external factors (like a pandemic), but we can all CHOOSE how we RESPOND. We can roll over, play dead, and get depressed about everything out of our control. OR we can PIVOT and make some different plans instead.

For instance, this year, I planned to run the Boston Marathon in April and the St George Marathon in October. Two weeks into training, I tore several leg and hip muscles, so Boston was out. Then Covid happened and Boston got postponed until September. I felt like I had won the jackpot! Who gets a second chance to run that race??? I recovered and trained with my sights set on that race. Then, in July, it got cancelled. So I tweaked my training plan and set my sights on St George a month later. Two weeks ago, I learned that St George was cancelled as well. I could have given up, frustrated that my races were cancelled and all my training went out the window. Instead, I just decided to focus on the fun I was having running and gaining my strength and speed back. THEN, I heard of a race at the beginning of August and I literally signed up for it the night before race day. I went and ran and just had fun. In the process, I ended up running it faster than any half marathon in the last decade! Plus, I blew away any recent 5K and 10K times I had! I went on vacation 2 weeks later and learned of a local 5K, signed up the night before (again), and proceeded to run an even FASTER 5K! And yesterday I ran another half marathon I recently found out about and ran it 3 1/2 minutes FASTER than the race at the beginning of the month! In fact, it's only 5 minutes off my all-time personal record!

I don't say any of this to brag. Not at all! But to prove that we can CHOOSE to excel if we want to, even in the face of opposition! This all took very calculated work. I had to be very strategic about what I did and when. But I also had to be flexible and be 100% OK if things out of my control changed.

So BE the change you want to be.

CHOOSE to be flexible and pivot whenever you need.

CHOOSE a good attitude and to look at what is still GOOD despite all the "bad/crazy" things going on outside of your control.


And don't forget to SMILE in the process.

And to help you with your workout consistency, here's the workout plan we're doing this week. :)

Follow along and get it in every day, even if it's just 1 round of each set each day. It's ok! And it's better than nothing! Consistency is the key to longterm success.




Tuesday: Tabata #2


Thursday: Sevens #3


Saturday: 30+ minutes Activity of Choice (outside if possible)


Sunday: Active Recovery Day - walk, stretch, yoga, ENJOY!!


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